International Destination Wedding Planners

Picture the scenes. A gorgeous terrace overlooking a stunning view of a green mountain valley. A beautiful scented garden surrounded by trees and the old walls of a Tuscan villa. A private beach at sunset with the warm ocean gently kissing the shoreline.

These scenes and many more like them are the wedding settings we’ve helped our clients arrange and decorate. At Farima Perry Florals & Events we provide international destination wedding planning services for couples who want to get married in a special location anywhere in the world.

Our team of experienced international event planners and destination wedding designers can help you plan, organise, deliver, and setup all the components needed for a magnificent dream wedding on any continent.

Planning and Organising Weddings Worldwide

We help you plan all the complex logistics, structure a budget, decide on a venue, design the décor, provide you with ideas, and put everything into action to make it happen. With many years of experience and connections, we’re able to pick out the best local suppliers and collaboration partners in just about any region. We can also arrange international shipping to move infrastructure from one country to another.

Our team of experts take care of the whole destination wedding planning and logistical process. Whether a popular tourist destination or a remote ‘off-the-beaten track’ paradise, Farima Perry Florals & Events will make your dream wedding a reality.

Planning Your Overseas Wedding

We also care about your wedding guests. Planning and arranging transport, accommodation and entertainment for your family and friends, is every bit as important as the logistics and decoration of the wedding ceremony itself. Leave your guests in our capable hands and we’ll organise everything they need to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing, and memorable occasion.

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