Wedding Planning

Luxury Wedding Planners

When planning and arranging a luxury wedding, you want everything to be perfect. From the venue flowers and hand-held bouquets to the centrepieces, linens, and table décor, it’s important to make sure everything is just right.

At Farima Perry Florals & Events we work closely with you to ensure the wedding of your dreams becomes a reality. Our team of experienced floral designers and event planners are passionate about beautiful flowers and exquisite décor. The personalised services we provide bring floral elegance and decorative sophistication to every feature of your special day.

Luxury Weddings Planned from Start to Finish

We also go beyond just flowers and decor styling. Our experts can help organise venues, arrange caterers, provide furniture and source accessories. We can manage every one of these separate tasks and bring them seamlessly together so your wedding day runs smoothly and looks absolutely gorgeous.

In the weeks and months prior to the special day, we assist you with designing and planning everything needed for the perfect wedding. We come together and carefully assess every required detail including budget management, venue preferences, décor styles, wedding themes, menu selections, flower options, and more.

Wedding Day Organisation

Having done this many, many times before, we’ll guide you through every step of the entire planning and organising process. Nothing will be forgotten or left out, and all details will be finalised with your full understanding and enthusiastic agreement.

We help make difficult decisions easy, complex preparations simple, and your life a whole lot easier.


Full, partial and bespoke wedding planning service collections


Helping you to put your plans into action.

It’s two or three months until the wedding and you’ve managed to plan most details yourselves. Yet you’re uncertain about how to put these plans into action and get everything sorted in time. If you’d like expert wedding planners to help you organise and execute your plans, so the wedding runs smoothly, then our Essential Collection is what you need.

Our team will create a custom schedule so as to ensure every feature of your wedding – before, during, and after – is ready for the wonderful occasion.

To see a full description of the 10+ services included in the Essential Collection, click here.


We plan and arrange everything.

The idea of planning your wedding can at first seem very exciting. Then reality hits and you realise just how much organisation and work is involved. If you’re wondering where to even begin and would love for a small team of experts to do most of the work, then the Full Planning Collection is for you.

Our Full Planning Collection includes over 20 distinct planning services, including transportation, accommodation management, ceremony development and design consulting.

To see a full description of the 20+ services included in the Full Planning Collection, click here.


You pick and choose exactly what you need.

Maybe you have the venue arranged, the caterers booked, and all the logistics sorted but you don’t know what to do about floral arrangements and décor. Or perhaps you just need a little help and advice with wedding budget management and scheduling plans.

Our Bespoke Collection allows you to pick and choose the exact services you require and ignore the ones you already have under control. Everything is personalised to fit your budget, needs and preferences.

To see a full description of the 30+ bespoke services we offer, click here.

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